LEMFO T89 Smart Watch With Bluetooth Earbuds - Black

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  • Product Description

    • 1. Answer call: This smart bracelet can receive mobile phone SMS, answer the phone and receive the message
    • 2. Magnetic charging: The bracelet uses a third-generation high-density battery to increase battery life by 20% . The low-power imported chip saves 80% of power consumption
    • 3. Waterproof: waterproof in life like car wash, swimming, etc. are not recommended to wear, to prevent damage to the bracelet
    • 4. High-definition LED screen: It has a high-definition LED screen, and it can clearly display data outdoors
    • 5. Multiple functions Multiple functions: date and time display, heart rate and blood pressure monitoring, accurate step counting, calculation of calorie and walking distance
    • 6. Upgraded version of Bluetooth 5.0, imported high-quality speakers, clearer sound quality, guaranteed voice call quality, and excellent bass

    • 1. The wireless earphones of this product are small and exquisite, comfortable to wear, high-definition display of the wristband screen
    • 2. Both a smart bracelet and a wireless headset,this smart wristband has many functions such as answering the phone, listening to music, and health monitoring

    • Size: L: W: H = 250mm: 22mm: 12mm
    • Display size: 0.96 inch (color screen)
    • Resolution: 160*80
    • Bracelet battery capacity: 3.7V/130mAh
    • Bluetooth headset battery capacity: 3.7V/35MAh
    • MCUBE/MX1001
    • Storage: 512KB RAM 16KB ROM
    • Support:speaker,Acceleration sensor
    • Color: black
    • Mobile APP system and language: Android/IOS, multiple languages
    • Headset Bluetooth: 5.0
    • Duration: 7 days for sleep, heart rate monitoring and other intelligent functions turning on

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